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In a time of economic uncertainty and declining IT budgets, it seems that many companies are investing less in ERP software.  Thankfully, for Panorama, this shift has been a positive one and we have experienced continued growth.  In fact, Panorama is on track to end 2009 with a year-to-year revenue increase of over 90%.

The value of our service offering resonates now more than ever as clients look to reduce their ERP costs and minimize risk.  Instead of reaching for the nearest ERP software package, they are taking time to execute a structured ERP selection project and make an educated decision that will optimize their business operations and provide a tangible return on investment.

Because of this high-growth trajectory, we’ve decided to prepare for the future economic growth by investing and launching in a brand new website.  The intent of the new website is to better articulate Panorama’s value proposition and further demonstrate our ERP expertise as we continue to expand our talent pool and employee base of ERP experts.  Our new website features a resource center that includes white papers, industry reports, podcasts, videos, vendor news, upcoming industry events, and interactive content such as ERP surveys and a mock ERP selection process.  We have also expanded our popular blog, now titled 360° ERP, to include additional blog entries from Panorama’s leadership team.

We expect our new website will broaden our reach and help educate potential clients across the globe.  We also hope that the new website will provide more insight into Panorama as a company and foster future relationships with potential employees, industry peers, and the media.

I encourage you to explore our new website.  I look forward to hearing how Panorama Consulting can help your organization and of course welcome your feedback on our new website.