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Many Projects on or Under Budget, but ERP Failure Still on the Rise

Project budget adherence has no correlation with ERP success, according to the 2015 ERP Report issued today by Panorama Consulting Solutions, the world’s leading independent ERP consulting firm.

While nearly half of organizations (45-percent) reported that their ERP projects were on- or under-budget, the number of reported ERP failures increased by five-percent since last year. Organizations indicating that their projects were over-budget pointed to challenges such as expanded scope, underestimated staffing, additional technology requirements and unanticipated technical or organizational issues.

The report highlights a $1.7-million increase in average implementation cost and a two-month decrease in average duration. In addition, 60-percent of organizations failed to realize the business benefits they expected from their ERP implementations, which is an increase of 10-percent over last year. The data also reveal that the percentage of organizations implementing software as a service (SaaS) has increased by 29-percent (from four-percent last year to 33-percent this year).

The data for this report was collected in partnership with Mint Jutras, an unbiased, third-party analyst firm.

“While organizations anticipate significant benefits from their ERP systems, our research reveals that many still struggle to achieve these benefits,” said Cindy Jutras, President of Mint Jutras. “In order to maximize benefits realization, organizations need to set parameters and define how they will measure success.”

About Panorama Consulting Solutions’ 2015 ERP Report

Data for the 2015 ERP Report was collected by Panorama and Mint Jutras via online polling. Information was collected from February 2014 to March 2015. The 562 participants represent organizations that have worked on ERP initiatives within the last year. The full report can be accessed at: //

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