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Denver, Colorado – August 27, 2010 – Panorama Consulting Group, an independent ERP consulting firm, today announced the release of an online ROI calculator. The ROI calculator will assist website visitors in reviewing the potential return on investment and benefits received from ERP software purchases.

The new ROI calculator was created with the data collected from various internal and external research sources. It is designed to be a high-level estimate of potential ROI based on user estimates of tangible costs such as inventory, SG&A, and labor and intangible costs such as average on-time delivers, average financial close time, and order fill rates. The ROI calculator will use these cost estimates and an employee count to calculate ERP software users and ERP investment costs which include ERP license costs, project management, and implementation costs. The final calculation provides both a return on investment calculation and a payback period in number of years.

“In today’s volatile economy, companies need to know that their ERP software investments are delivering measurable value,” said Eric Kimberling, president of Panorama Consulting Group. “Panorama helps clients select and implement software in such a way, so we wanted to provide the ERP community with a high-level summary of what we do for clients on a daily basis.”

The ERP ROI calculator is available at: //

Those interested in learning more about how Panorama Consulting Group can help maximize the ROI on their ERP initiatives can learn more by contacting us at [email protected] or calling 303-731-6499.

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Founded in 2005, Panorama Consulting Group is a niche-consulting firm specializing in enterprise resource planning solutions for mid-market companies globally. Independent of affiliation, Panorama helps companies in ERP software selection, ERP implementation, and organizational change management to assure that each of its clients realize the full business benefits of their newly purchased ERP system.