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Panorama Consulting Solutions, the world’s leading independent enterprise resource planning (ERP) consulting firm, announced a new practice for the Energy industry with a focus on the troubled oil and gas industry. Panorama Energy Consulting Solutions will deliver core ERP consulting services like Selection, Implementation and Independent Validation and Verification to businesses in the oil and gas industry. In addition, Panorama will offer Energy-specific offerings including alternative fuel assessments, pressure pumping cleanup for water/sand, off grid power generation, solar assessments and LED lighting substitution.

“Our clients and prospects in the oil and gas industry face unique challenges around compliance, infrastructure and external forces like crude oil price fluctuations,” said Eric Kimberling, Managing Partner of Panorama. “We’re excited to deliver tailored, high quality solutions and resources to the Energy market.”

Panorama is partnering with SalesWerks to offer marketing and sales strategy to businesses that serve the oil and gas industry. SalesWerks is a leading “top line” sales strategy company with significant experience in helping oil and gas companies implement a high performing sales organization.  New services will include sales strategies to increase top line sales in highly competitive market conditions, new market segment identification/sizing, lead generation and management, sales execution, technology (CRM and Marketing Automation implementation), and client retention programs.

“SalesWerks’ services represent a proactive approach to gaining market share, reaching untapped markets and increasing sales efficiencies while reducing costs,” said Joe Ambrose, President of SalesWerks. “Some companies thrive in down markets by making strategic moves, but most pull back and cut expenses.  This is a reactive strategy that leaves the fate of the company at the mercy of outside influences.”

Kimberling and Ambrose will present an overview of the new services, and a 60-minute session on strategies for maintaining and growing sales and market share in this down oil and gas cycle. The free webinar will be held on Tuesday, February 10 at 1 p.m. ET. Register at //

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Panorama Consulting Solutions is the world’s leading independent enterprise resource planning (ERP) consulting firm for mid- to large-sized organizations around the world. Independent of affiliation, Panorama facilitates the evaluation and selection of ERP software, manages ERP implementation, and expedites all related organizational change to ensure that each of its clients realize the full business benefits of their ERP systems. Panorama maintains a global presence with current offices in Denver, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Lima, Dubai and Houston.