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LINDAR Corporation Separates From its Bolted Together Legacy ERP System in Favor of EnterpriseIQ From IQMS

IQMS, a manufacturing ERP software and MES developer with an ongoing, proactive commitment to its product and relationships, today announced that thermoforming manufacturer, LINDAR Corporation, has selected IQMS because it offers a comprehensive, industry-specific manufacturing ERP system from one central vendor. Founded in 1993, LINDAR Corporation specializes in thin and thick gauge thermoformed parts for the food, retail, medical, industrial OEM and paint industries (LINDAR has built a very large selection of stock paint tray liners and stock food packaging to serve each industry).

“We have been very pleased with IQMS through the selection process, from presentation to group Q&A with the selection team and individual team members for their specific questions.”

LINDAR Corporation’s legacy software system required multiple vendors in order to perform and, as is common with non-integrated systems, the different vendors did not communicate effectively with each other’s databases. Additionally, any time LINDAR Corporation wanted to add more functionality or a new module, it had to bring in a costly third-party integrator for customization of the software to interface with what was already in place. After struggling for three years to fully implement the Tier I ERP software, LINDAR Corporation set out to find a better ERP solution.

“The challenges LINDAR Corporation experienced with its legacy ERP software are unfortunately fairly common when multiple third-party systems are involved,” said Glenn Nowak, vice president at IQMS. “With IQMS, LINDAR has gained a single, extended ERP system that can easily grow and expand with them as their business changes.”

From eCommerce to customer relationship management (CRM), MRP, quality control, inventory, order entry and accounting, plus industry-specific capabilities, IQMS offers LINDAR Corporation a company-wide solution all in one comprehensive system. In addition to the base ERP system, LINDAR has invested in IQMS’ EDI module, quality suite for detailed quality control and a variety of human resources modules, including payroll, time and attendance, workforce and the employee portal.

“We have been very pleased with IQMS through the selection process, from presentation to group Q&A with the selection team and individual team members for their specific questions,” said David Fosse, director of marketing and key account development for LINDAR Corporation. “LINDAR is looking forward to a successful launch and utilizing the vast information IQMS provides in a useable format.”

About LINDAR Corporation

Located in Baxter, Minn., LINDAR Corporation is a leader in the plastic thermoforming industry, specializing in production of a diverse line of plastic containers and custom plastic parts, including paint sundry, food and retail packaging, medical parts and packaging and custom industrial OEM components. LINDAR Corporation offers a broad range of services, including product/tool design, heavy gauge thermoforming, thin gauge thermoforming, high capacity product manufacturing, secondary operations, fabricating and assembly. Founded in 1993, LINDAR Corporation employs 90 people and has a nationwide customer base.