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Finds majority of ERP upgrade efforts to be short in duration, fall within reasonable budgets and rarely disrupt business at large

The Oracle Applications Users Group (OAUG), the world’s largest user knowledgebase for Oracle Applications users, announced it has released the results of an OAUG ResearchLine study that focused on user reaction to ERP upgrade activity.

The study, conducted by Unisphere Research and sponsored by Oracle, is based on the results of a survey of 327 enterprise applications users and managers, whose employers are members of the OAUG. The purpose of the study was to explore strategies and philosophies around upgrading to the latest release of an enterprise application suite.

Key findings from the study include the following:

  • In terms of current upgrade plans, 36 percent of respondents already have or are in the process of upgrading their enterprise application / ERP suite. Almost half of respondents intend to move to the latest release of their enterprise / ERP suite within the next two years, meaning that 80 percent of the install base is or intends to be live on the latest release of their enterprise / ERP suite within the next two years. A majority of enterprise / ERP suite upgrades are intended to update specific technology or functions, whereas about 12 percent of upgrades are also used as an opportunity to perform an enterprise-wide project that is transformational in nature.
  • Approximately 44 percent of respondents cite the length of time for an enterprise / ERP upgrade to be between six and 12 months. The scope of the enterprise / ERP upgrade has an impact on the length of the upgrade. For limited technical upgrades, 53 percent took less than nine months to complete, while 31 percent of the functional upgrades were completed in this timeframe. More complex, transformational upgrades involving more substantial changes to business processes took longer to complete; 60 percent of respondents reported transformational upgrades took more than 12 months to implement. Overall, a majority of respondents cited disruptions to their businesses were minimal; approximately half say they experienced five or fewer days of disruption or downtime.
  • The applications typically targeted for upgrades are financials, project management and procurement. The top financial or top IT executive oversees most upgrades.

OAUG ResearchLine is an exclusive proprietary resource for members of the OAUG that provides ongoing research and information about trends and challenges of interest to users of Oracle Applications. The executive summary of the survey results is available to all OAUG members through the organization’s website at . Media should contact Sarah Wroble at 678-781-7236.

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