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Barcelona, Spain and Cambridge, Massachusetts – September 15, 2010 – Openbravo, the leading developer of web-based open source Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions for businesses, has once again underlined its commitment to international growth, by confirming Openia as its main distributor and localization partner for Openbravo products and services in Italy.

Openia, an Italian open source software provider and consultancy that specializes in the needs of regional SMBs, will become an Openbravo Master Distributor (OMD). In this role as the OMD for the Italian market, Openia will recruit and work with Italian resellers and companies that will develop further verticalizations and versions of Openbravo ERP. This will uncover new opportunities within the Italian market, building on Openbravo’s strong localization with software that is translated and market-ready – for example compliant with Italian Accounting Rules.

Roberto Stefanelli, CEO for Openia, said: “Over the last decade we’ve seen a dramatic increase in the number of companies choosing to adopt open source applications. Enterprises and SMBs have embraced open source as a major catalyst for innovation across diverse industries. Recent economic issues have led to budget cuts and calls for reduced overheads at many businesses, often starting with IT. At Openia, we strongly believe in open source and feel that a strong partnership agreement like the one between ourselves and Openbravo serves to underline the growing optimism and opportunity that exists in the marketplace now that economic recovery is on the horizon.”

Openia originally partnered with Openbravo in 2008, and has now built an installed base of sites relying upon Openbravo’s ERP products, solutions and unique community. Openia will now begin driving fresh recruitment, marketing and support activities to secure a strong network of customers using the new localized Italian Openbravo ERP.

Manel Sarasa, CEO for Openbravo, said: “This is an excellent partnership that will provide a massive boost for Openbravo and Openia users and developers in the Italian region. One of the key strengths of Openbravo is our determination to expand into new regions, championing open source development and the specific needs of SMBs. There is no substitute for a local team of expert consultants who combine extensive consulting experience with in-depth product knowledge. Together with Openia we will now work to help local SMBS deploy innovative, comprehensive and flexible ERPs at a fraction of the cost of proprietary software. “