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Esker, the leader in document process automation solutions, today announced the signing of an agreement with North Star BlueScope Steel to automate processing of the company’s sales orders. The Esker on Demand solution is designed to help North Star BlueScope increase staff productivity and order visibility while enabling prioritizing and electronic storage of orders for easy access — without investing in software.

North Star BlueScope Steel was increasing capacity and therefore increasing order volume. Its inside sales representatives were spending approximately 25 percent of their day on order entry rather than handling customer calls, order inquiries and other customer service activities. North Star BlueScope Steel sought out Esker to decrease manual tasks required and have the reps be more productive in focusing on customers versus administrative tasks.

With the Esker solution, orders arrive via fax or email and are electronically routed, based on customer name, to the corresponding North Star BlueScope Steel sales representative. A fax or email confirmation is sent back to the customers that the order has been received. Workflow capabilities include the ability to forward order data to people within and outside the company, the ability to place orders on hold until they need to be entered, and the ability to send notifications to individuals and managers to ensure orders are not waiting on approvals or validation. Management also gains visibility and benchmarking capabilities that are not available today without the technology.

“We chose Esker on Demand because we liked the simplicity and we didn’t want to host software in-house,” said Kevin Towne, Inside Sales Manager at North Star BlueScope Steel. “We’re projecting significant savings by preventing errors in entering orders that we have to remake for the customer, and we want to increase efficiency and free-up our inside sales reps’ time to for opportunities to interact with customers and focus on value-added work.”

About North Star BlueScope Steel

North Star BlueScope Steel is a 50-50 joint venture between BlueScope Steel (Melbourne, Australia) and Cargill, Inc. (Minneapolis, MN). BlueScope Steel is Australia’s largest steel producer. The company also is known worldwide for its coated and painted steel products with facilities in Australia, Asia and North America. In 2004, BlueScope Steel acquired Butler Manufacturing, the leading pre-engineered steel buildings manufacturer in the United States and China. Cargill, Inc. is America’s second largest private company, the world’s largest grain trader and food processing company. The company has over 150,000 employees working in 68 countries throughout the world.