It’s that time of the year again! You are glued to the TV every Thursday, Sunday and Monday rooting for your team. You’re making sure your players, offense and defense are playing up to par for your fantasy lineup.  You notice that some team members aren’t paying attention to the correct calls, plays and/or coaching while on and off the field. This results in missed opportunities for improvement and overall attitude toward both the game and the team. When your organization is going through a business transformation project, it is vital to keep people and processes in mind as the technology will not make a significant difference without these two pieces in place. Communication within the organization regarding the change that is expected to occur and how it will benefit job roles in the long-run is crucial to success of the project for several different reasons.

Educate employees on best practices

There are similarities between football teams and organization’s employees when it comes to providing the proper education before the game or project kickoff starts. Without the appropriate knowledge of best practices and the overall game plan, employees or team players will start to feel negative about the process and will lack the needed participation. It is important to communicate about the change that is going to occur and the benefits that will result, while allowing every department the ability to express concerns, what they would like to see within a new software and some of their everyday pain points.  This provides employees with the comfort that their opinions and ideas are important to the overall success of the project and will result in full adoption of the improvements ahead.

Practice makes perfect

Training of the new system is vital to the overall success of the implementation and start in the beginning stage of the project. Each employee’s understanding and speed of adoption will vary during training as each user’s technical background is different. Some users will respond better to certain types of training delivery methods which should be kept in account and thought out early on. Some of your NFL team players may retain information and perform the plays live in action while others might like to study the plays by paper initially. The preliminary groundwork for structuring OCM, training and communication activities can be determined through organizational readiness assessments and survey groups. Having a dedicated person for training per department is a good idea as new employees join the organization or current employees switch to new roles and need the proper educational training. Creating goals, plans and strategies will help keep all users motivated along with provide early adoption of the system and improved processes.

Achieving business benefits

A majority of organizations are in a hurry to select and implement a solution within a relatively short time frame. Unfortunately, this can end up sacrificing benefits and cause stress to the employees and the organization. When you rush through these projects and make decisions without the proper due diligence, there can be a negative effect on the employees. Often times, employees are kept in the background and are not aware of the changes. Rumors start  and improvements aren’t made or adopted. Measuring business benefits is critical in determining whether or not your process improvements and newly implemented solution is coming to fruition. Some companies will claim that they have seen improvements with increased integration, productivity and minimizing manual and duplicate entries, but not have not measured the benefits. It is important to set goals, define your vision and implement a business benefits realization plan to define the overall return on investment and benefits that you will achieve.

Finally, it is important to stress the proper way to approach an organization’s employees or team players before making major changes throughout the organization or team. Having proper communication plans and buy-in from employees will ultimately create a positive outlook for the project which will help improve the organization’s overall success. It is significant to note that these projects aren’t just an IT initiative, but also contains human components such as organizational readiness assessments, communication plans, change impact assessments and other discussions that will be vital to the overall business benefits that will be obtained. In the end, happy team players and employees will help the overall atmosphere when these projects are in motion, creating a successful and completed game plan.

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