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NetSuite Inc., a provider of cloud-based financials/ERP software suites, has announced a partnership with AsiaPay, that integrates its PayDollar eCommerce payment gateway and merchant services with the NetSuite SuiteCommerce platform.

According to the company, with comprehensive support for international credit cards, NetSuite’s SuiteCommerce customers can benefit from AsiaPay’s extensive reach throughout Asia, leveraging over 40 currencies and more than 40 banks and payment partners in nine countries through multiple channels and multiple languages, as well as its ePayAlert advanced fraud detection ERP solution.

Upon completion of the integration, the benefits of AsiaPay’s PayDollar eCommerce payment gateway for credit card transactions will be available to NetSuite customers, in conjunction with NetSuite’s commerce, sales, service and ERP functionality, without the need to adopt additional ERP software or change its business processes.

This technology transcends the limitations and complexity of first-generation eCommerce systems to deliver new efficiencies for merchants and experience for customers. SuiteCommerce’s omnichannel selling approach can be complemented by AsiaPay’s extensive support for eCommerce, m-commerce, mail order and call center payment channels, the company said.

“Rising incomes and a growing middle class has seen rapid adoption of eCommerce throughout Asia,” said Craig Sullivan, vice president and general manager, International for NetSuite. “Our partnership with AsiaPay is expected to offer retailers a complete commerce ERP solution, with NetSuite’s cloud-based SuiteCommerce platform at its core, largely taking care of all the components needed for a successful multi-channel business spanning the Asia Pacific region.”