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Boston, May 19, 2010 – The ERP provider Maconomy has just released the latest version of its successful resource management solution People Planner to the market. The most significant feature of this People Planner version is its full integration to Microsoft Outlook.

People Planner is a popular product with Maconomy’s clients, all of which are part of the Professional Services sector where the focus is on optimal project and resource planning. From the outset People Planner has been centered on providing clients with a simple and efficient overview of the capacity of their business as well as employee skills and workloads.

Only few resource management solutions exist in the market and even fewer of these can be combined with other main processes of the business. Accordingly, People Planner has enjoyed widespread success as this solution integrates three significant processes: project, resource and employee planning.

With People Planner 3.0 Maconomy now offers full integration to Microsoft Outlook. Now client meetings and tasks assigned by an employee in his Microsoft Outlook calendar will automatically be synchronized with People Planner. This enables project managers, department managers and executives to get an up-to-date overview of all company resources in People Planner. Similarly, when a project manager or resource planner assigns an employee to a project or to other tasks in People Planner, the assignment will automatically be added to the employee’s Microsoft Outlook calendar.

“We are excited to introduce People Planner 3.0 to the market as it is the product of close collaboration with a number of key clients. The new People Planner allows organizations to make it easy for their employees to manage their workday in Microsoft Outlook while giving them a full overview of their resource needs up to one year ahead. Now businesses can enjoy a better utilization rate that will have a fast and positive impact on the bottom line,” says President Steen Andersen, Maconomy US.

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