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Esker on Demand fax service eliminates the need for modems and phone lines

Esker, the leader in document process automation solutions, today announced that Lewis Systems & Service Company, a distributor of high-quality air compressor products operating primarily in the Carolinas and Virginia, has successfully implemented Fax on Demand with Esker VSI-FAX for delivery of purchase orders, quotes, invoices and other documents out of its Infor ERP FACTS enterprise software. The solution leverages Esker production facilities to eliminate the need for physical modems and analog phone lines.

In the process of upgrading several of its servers and its server software, Lewis Systems was moving to a virtual environment for Infor ERP FACTS and VSI-FAX as well as its Microsoft Exchange, Terminal Server and SharePoint servers. “That created an issue with utilizing physical fax modems on a virtual server,” said Bill Foster, IT Manager at Lewis Systems.

Earnest & Associates, an Esker partner and Lewis Systems’ enterprise software provider, recommended that Foster look at the Fax on Demand option with VSI-FAX. “E&A reached out to Esker and kept me in the loop,” said Foster. “Esker was familiar with the issue and had helped other customers solve the same problem, and they thought Fax on Demand would be a good fit for us. We really didn’t have time to compare solutions, but we’ve used VSI-FAX for several years and it was a very reliable product, so we trusted Esker that they had a good solution for us.”

Lewis Systems was up and running with Fax on Demand less than a week-and-a-half after discovering they were not going to be able to virtualize with the fax modem. “I was very impressed with the quick response from Esker,” said Foster. “They were very clear about how the solution was going to work, and everything went smoothly.”

Since implementing the Fax on Demand solution, Lewis Systems has been very satisfied. “It’s working great. We have not had one problem,” said Foster. “From a reliability standpoint, we don’t have to worry about hardware problems like modem and line failures.” Lewis Systems has also effectively reduced the cost of faxing by 50%. “We’re actually saving more money than we’re spending because we’re able to get rid of the $56-a-month analog fax line that we were using, so it’s very cost-effective for us to use the Fax on Demand service. Very rarely do we make a change and it saves us money. I couldn’t be happier with it.” said Foster.

Going forward, Lewis Systems also plans to explore desktop faxing with the Fax on Demand solution. “I think the desktop solution would be another added value for us,” said Foster. “I don’t see why we wouldn’t want to take advantage of that.”

“We’re seeing more and more companies going virtual with IT applications that require integrated fax, and running into the issue with fax boards and modems,” said Steve Smith, U.S. Chief Operating Officer at Esker. “A fax service is often the ideal solution, whether a company deploys pure cloud fax or leverages on-premise fax software like VSI-FAX with Fax on Demand. Along with eliminating hardware that can be a real pain to support and prevent companies from virtualizing, in the vast majority of cases there is strong ROI value in eliminating phone line costs.”

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