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Last November, manufacturing and distribution organizations from across the globe attended our ERP Vendor Showdown webinar series. Featuring scripted demos from a variety of top ERP vendors, our Showdown provided a high-level overview of each system’s user interface, dashboards and role centers, workflow toolsets and manufacturing and distribution functionality.

On the third day of the Showdown, Oracle demonstrated the user interface and navigation options that are unique to JD Edwards. The demo revealed a traditional ‘Microsoft Office’ structure with the module tree on the left-hand side and a process map form of navigation. JDE’s dashboards and homepages are configured per role and can be easily personalized per user. The drill-down capability is very useful as users can quickly get the information they need with multiple levels of detail available.

The workflow toolset provides a great opportunity to leverage JDE for automating processes. It is easy to understand and not very difficult to configure. Tasks can be added quickly with just a few clicks and full processes can be constructed without difficulty. The JDE workflow toolset scored highest among viewing attendees and often scores high with Panorama clients.

Oracle has a large focus on the manufacturing industry in the upper Tier II market space. In terms of manufacturing capabilities, attendees could see some of JDE’s capabilities relating to BOM configuration, routing, planning/scheduling and shop floor control. The BOM configuration is deep in related functionality and can be set up to meet most manufacturing requirements.

On the distribution side, capabilities are fairly deep. Oracle scored the highest in this area among attendees. JDE handles most inventory and warehouse management requirements out-of-the-box and add-on IP is available from within the reseller channel if required. Typically most companies implement standard functionality first and then address additional or advanced functionality if truly needed.

Oracle JD Edwards is a deeply functional ERP system and it received the highest overall score among attendees. The target market for manufacturing and distribution is upper Tier II companies but scalability allows smaller, complex companies to efficiently implement and grow with JDE.

When looking at any ERP system one of the key factors to consider is how well the vendor addressed the functionality relevant to your organization. If your organization is in the process of selecting an ERP system, you may be interested in downloading on-demand recordings of our ERP Vendor Showdown. I also encourage you to register for our 2014 ERP Boot Camp and Vendor Showdown to be held February 3-5 in Vail, CO.

Written by Chris Devault, Manager of Vendor Relations at Panorama Consulting Solutions.