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Last November, Panorama’s ERP Vendor Showdown provided attendees with a high-level overview of four top ERP vendors. Vendors were given a general script to provide a quick snapshot of their system’s user interface, dashboards, workflow toolsets and a brief overview of manufacturing and distribution functionality.

Day Four of the Showdown featured Epicor E9 which has an interface created to resemble Microsoft Outlook and Office, making user adoption much easier. Epicor’s dashboards and homepages are configured per-role and can be easily personalized. The drill-capability allows users to quickly obtain the information they need with multiple levels of detail available.

The workflow toolset Epicor provides shows its capability to automate processes. Typically, a system implementer will configure a handful of processes while training a power user who will be able to configure workflows.

In terms of manufacturing functionality, attendees observed some of the capabilities relating to BOM configuration, routing, planning/scheduling and shop floor control. Having a large focus on the manufacturing industry, Epicor leverages third-party products that are brought in-house and contain resolutions to customer requests. The Epicor graphical planning board allows users to plan and schedule through reporting tools.

Our clients who have attended Epicor demos have usually scored Epicor on the higher end for manufacturing functionality because of the how easy it is been to navigate through the program. Because of this, Epicor is often the preferred solution for distribution-only requirements. The out-of-the-box functionality is extensive compared to some ERP systems that rely heavily on third-party products for warehouse management requirements. Epicor has incorporated advanced functionality from both outside and inside resources.

When looking at any ERP system one of the key factors to consider is how well the vendor addressed the functionality relevant to your organization. If your organization is in the process of selecting an ERP system, you may be interested in downloading on-demand recordings of our ERP Vendor Showdown. I also encourage you to register for our next Showdown webinar series on March 31 through April 4.

Written by Chris Devault, Manager of Vendor Relations at Panorama Consulting Solutions.