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London, April 23, 2010 – Lawson Software today announced a new channel partnership with Serikat, Consultoría e Informática S.A., in Spain. Serikat will sell, distribute and implement the Lawson S3 solutions within Lawson’s current or potential customers and will also provide training, maintenance, support and consultancy services. The Lawson S3 Enterprise Management System is specifically designed for service-related organizations and their need to staff, source, and serve. It includes solutions for financial management, human capital management, supply chain management, procurement and enterprise asset management.Targeted industries are healthcare, retail, U.S. public services, and financial services. The partnership agreement, signed during the third quarter of Lawson’s 2010 fiscal year, will help promote Lawson’s geographic coverage and penetration of the Spanish market.

Serikat is part of the Erhardt Group, a multinational group of companies active in sectors such as transport, information technologies and marketing and distribution of industrial products and raw materials. The Erhardt Group employs more than 800 people in 35 companies that have a significant presence in Spain.

Serikat is an IT software and service company with a proven track of record in Spain and offers a wide range of added value competences like consultancy, support services and training. The company is well established in the field of public and private service organisations and will provide the complete offering of services for the Lawson S3 applications from sales, implementation, support to training and development.

“The public and private services market is an important market in Spain, as the IT modernisation process in the field of administration is in progress. The Lawson S3 system can bring more choice to customers and help strengthen our position and offering in the region,” said Mario Martinez, Solutions Manager at Serikat. “Our team of professionals dedicated to Lawson S3 applications and our industry-specific expertise will ultimately help broaden Lawson’s geographic reach.”

“This is another logical step in the development of our channel partner network and will help us to extend our reach in Spain,” said Joan Ferrán, country manager for Lawson in Spain. “Our objective is to make our customers stronger by aligning with selected partners to better anticipate and meet their needs.”

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