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LONDON, UK, Oct. 22, 2010 – Lawson Software today announced a new program aimed at helping customers move to the latest version of the Lawson M3 Enterprise Management system. The program known as Lawson Pure is available for a limited time. It is a new offering designed to help Lawson customers quickly realize the business value of moving to the Lawson M3 10.1 system, while helping to reduce the cost, time and risk of the upgrade.

Central to Lawson Pure is a “try before you buy” option, which makes it possible for customers to migrate their own data to a hosted test environment before deciding to upgrade. The Lawson ”try before you buy” allows Lawson customers to experience new functionality, including Lawson Smart Office and Enterprise Search. This will help Lawson customers identify business improvement opportunities and eliminate modifications, which helps strengthen the business case for upgrading. It can also help reduce the total cost of ownership of their Lawson system.

“Lawson Pure represents the company’s aspiration to deliver modification-free applications whenever possible for our customers,” said Eric Verniaut, executive vice president of M3 industries for Lawson. “Our customers also have the option of working purely with Lawson resources for their deployment, including their implementation and support. We’re able to do this because of our industry-specific product offerings and expertise.”

Lawson M3 10.1 was introduced in February 2010 and offers more than 600 new and enhanced features. Lawson Smart Office and Enterprise Search functionality help improve the software user experience, which also promotes greater user adoption and efficiency for those using the system. Combined with additional technical advances to support Lawson’s internal and external cloud deployment options, Lawson M3 10.1 can help reduce total cost of ownership and drive more business value for Lawson customers.

Devin McCarthy, director of IT for Lawson customer Propper International said, “Before implementing the latest versions of the Lawson system, we operated in a heavily modified environment. This brought about greater complexity in how we managed our systems and made upgrades and enhancements even more difficult. Now we operate with little or no modification to the core software system, which fosters greater stability and will help simplify future system upgrades and implementation of new Lawson products. Rather than over-customizing and modifying our own system, we’d rather work with Lawson to run on a solution that is designed specifically for our industry. This helps us reduce costs and improve efficiency in our IT systems in the long run.”

“Lawson has helped more than 140 M3 customers to step up to newer software versions during the last couple of years, which allows them to take advantage of our latest enterprise software innovations,” added Verniaut. “We have the tools, expertise and experience to make customer upgrades a success. Lawson Pure is more proof of Lawson’s commitment to increase the value of Lawson M3 to our customers and help to make them stronger.”