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Stockholm, Oct 29, 2010 – Lawson Software today announced a new services partnership with Logica, a leading business and technology service company, for the Swedish market. As part of the partnership, Logica will offer clients services specifically related to the industry-tailored Lawson M3 enterprise software solutions. Logica will be able to support Lawson customers from initial implementation and configuration to operation and user support.

Logica’s experienced team of professional consultants will serve Lawson customers in Sweden to help them make the most of their enterprise software investment and to achieve operational excellence. With a primary on customers in the Food & Beverage and Manufacturing & Distribution industries, Logica will bring added value to companies by providing process efficiency across the whole supply chain or in their manufacturing execution systems.

“We are delighted to be part of Lawson’s growing service partner network and we see this as an excellent opportunity to develop our business in Sweden with world class software solutions for the Food & Beverage and Manufacturing & Distribution industries,” said Johan Falk, director application management at Logica. “With our new partnership, Lawson and Logica are committed to building long lasting and mutual beneficial relations with our customers.”

“Service partners like Logica contribute proven consultancy experience and deep industry knowledge, which supports Lawson’s commitment to deliver industry specific solutions and increased value to food and beverage and manufacturing and distribution companies in Sweden,” said Dan Jönsson, alliance manager, services partners in Nordic, Baltic, Switzerland, Germany and Austria for Lawson. “We very much welcome Logica into our expanding Lawson partner network, and look forward to working with Logica to deliver a superior customer experience to our customers to make them stronger.”