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Rapid Web Application Tool for Oracle Database Introduces End-User Data Upload, Improved Error Handling, Calendar, Dynamic Action and Plug-In Features

In an effort to improve the development of database-centric Web 2.0 applications and reports, Oracle today announced the availability of Oracle Application Express Release 4.1.

This latest Oracle Application Express release is focused on enhancing existing functionality and adds data upload capabilities.

Oracle Application Express is a “no-cost” option included with all editions and releases of Oracle Database 11g. Using only a Web browser, developers can rapidly build and deploy professional and scalable applications for Oracle Databases that are both fast and secure with Oracle Application Express.

Oracle Application Express Release 4.1 is available for download from the Oracle Technology Network (OTN).

Overview of Oracle Application Express 4.1 Enhancements and New Features

  • Data Upload: developers can now easily add the capability for end-users to load spreadsheet data into existing tables within an application.
  • Error Handling: improvements and user-defined exception processing enables developers to easily intercept messages generated by the Oracle Database and replace the message text with user friendly text.
  • Mobile Applications: improved support for mobile frameworks including form rendering without HTML tables.
  • Tabular Forms: added the ability to reference column values using bind syntax to facilitate validations and processing.
  • Calendar: improvements enable developers to incorporate drag and drop functionality and generate calendars with edit pages.
  • Dynamic Actions: extended to include support for client side processing of buttons.
  • Plug-ins: expanded to incorporate authentication and authorization types.
  • Websheets: the look and feel of Websheets has been improved substantially and the controls redesigned making it more intuitive for users.
  • Accessibility: dramatic improvement in the HTML generated by the Application Express engine, together with accessibility improvements in existing themes and HTML templates.

The declarative development framework of Oracle Application Express utilizes wizards and property sheets to build and maintain applications. This information is stored in and referenced from a meta-data repository, alleviating the need for compilation or code generation.

“At Cornerstone Brands we have seven unique Catalog/Internet retail businesses, representing $880 million in sales annually. To manage this business we used Oracle Application Express to quickly build a suite of highly intuitive, rich applications taking up to 10,000 orders a day,” said Paul Davidson, Director CMS Applications Development, Cornerstone Brands Inc. “We’re especially excited with the enhancements to Dynamic Actions that come with Oracle Application Express 4.1. Oracle Application Express is a tool that is highly proliferated throughout our enterprise, and continues to be the tool of choice as we are presented with new business challenges.”

“I am impressed with the Oracle Application Express team’s ability to keep the software updated to the evolving web standards,” said Sayee Natarajan, Director, Sales and Marketing Systems, Purdue Pharma. “The team picked jQuery very early over other technologies, identified a good charting engine and put in resources towards mobile application development. We hope to have five to 10 mobile applications in production by Q1 next year, and we are relying on Oracle Application Express 4.1 to help us get there.”