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Knowledge Matrix Inc., a $500M Kapil Group Subsidiary, has Launched a Totally Customized ERP Software That has Been Developed to Address the Pain Areas of the Glass Manufacturing Industry.

Knowledge Matrix Inc., a global IT solutions and service provider to SMB announced today that it has launched an ERP software that has been developed keeping in mind the special requirements of the glass manufacturing industry. This ERP software will fill the needs of SMB.

Anand Desai, Chief Technology Officer at Knowledge Matrix said, “We’ve been listening to our clients say that they want a solution which can help them overcome their business challenges and fits in their budget. Hence, leveraging our decade of experience and subject matter expertise, we decided to develop customized vertical specific ERP software that will fill the requirements of such customers who are willing to embrace the latest technologies to address their industry pain areas and their budget constraints.” Adding further he said “Our ERP integrates all the internal and external information from various departments like finance, sales, inventory, purchase, etc. and presents it to you in a single dashboard format. Hence, you don’t need to use multiple accounting and inventory management software. With our ERP application, you can have the entire organization’s information at your finger tips.”

This ERP is the next generation solution for small and medium business enterprises.

Knowledge Matrix is soon planning to launch such customized ERP software for other industries as well. When asked about which industries they are planning to target next, Anand said “We are already working on ERP for the Manufacturing and Power plant industry and it will be launched within a month’s time. Apart from these two industries, we’ll also target the fertilizer, automotive, food, sugar, paint and chemical industry.”