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Esker, the leader in document process automation solutions, today announced that the Spanish subsidiary of KaVo Dental, a leading international dental company, has selected the Esker Accounts Receivable Software as a Service (SaaS) automation solution. KaVo Dental, a German firm and part of an American multinational company, manufactures dental instruments and equipment for odontologists and prosthodontists.

With Esker, KaVo Dental sends 7,200 electronic invoices per year, directly from its SAP business application, to customers who accept the electronic invoice format. The invoices are digitally signed and sent via email from the Esker on Demand platform.

“Thanks to the Esker AR solution, we are much more efficient in sending our invoices and we have vastly improved our customer satisfaction. Our customers are now able to manage their invoices in a more convenient, effective and economical way,” said Mercedes Diaz, Financial Director, KaVo Dental.

Invoices are sent on-demand, completely integrated with the SAP business application located in Germany. Each month, an average of 600 invoices are automatically sent and stored on the KaVo Dental customer web portal, part of the Esker AR on Demand solution. Customers receive a notification email alerting them to the availability of their invoice which is easily downloadable from a web link.

Within the framework of its new invoicing policy, KaVo Dental sent its customers an email to encourage them to adopt the new electronic invoice format. The initial feedback confirmed a strong interest in electronic invoicing.

With Esker AR on Demand, KaVo Dental can now experience the numerous benefits of electronic invoicing. It is more convenient – customers no longer run the risk of losing an invoice as it is available on a web portal. It is more cost-effective – there is no longer a need to print or physically archive an invoice (as digital format is recognized as a legal format). It is also more efficient – if data needs to be re-entered or an invoice needs to be resent to another service, the processing is much quicker; errors and losses attributed to the back and forth from one service to another are avoided all together.

In addition, the paper savings achieved by KaVo Dental, following the adoption of electronic invoicing, has enabled them to become a more environmentally conscious company.


About KaVo Dental

KaVo Dental is a subsidiary of the German company Kaltenbach & Voigt GmbH (KaVo), the leading manufacturer of dental instruments and equipment for odontologists and prosthodontists. The company’s 3,300 worldwide employees guarantee the quality of its products. KaVo Dental is present in 21 countries through its own distribution subsidiaries and exclusive sales partnerships throughout the world. Six production sites are located in Germany and other countries. A constant innovator, KaVo Dental has greatly contributed to the progress and advancement in dentistry and is able to claim over 2,200 patents and models as proof of this innovation.