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WAYNE, PA – August 25, 2009  Future Pharmaceuticals magazine recently released a podcast interview with Jay Deakins, president of pharmaceutical ERP software provider Deacom, Inc., which examines the selection, implementation, and business process control benefits of using a single, fully-integrated ERP system for pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Speaking with Future Pharmaceuticals Managing Editor Jamie Devereaux, Deakins reviews the issues associated with using multiple, disconnected software systems to manage their business processes – including formulation, inventory control, lot tracking, regulatory reporting, sales, purchasing, and accounting. By instead adopting one fully-integrated ERP solution developed for pharmaceutical manufacturing, these companies can significantly reduce errors and IT complexity, improve data visibility and operating efficiencies, and simplify regulatory compliance, he says.

“Once you put together multiple systems, you are going to end up with incorrect data and business process breakages,” Deakins says. “So it is very important to tie everything together, integrate the processes, and create a smooth flow of everything in that single system.”

When implementing such a system, Deakins notes that it’s important for drug makers to follow a methodical, repeatable process in order to avoid problems with system launch and future maintenance. That means “going through the actual (implementation) processes several times prior to the ‘go live’ date,” he says.

“If you’ve managed your implementation process correctly, the day you go live should be a very boring, anticlimactic day,” Deakins says.

Listen to the full interview by downloading the podcast today.

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About Deacom, Inc.

Headquartered in Wayne, PA, Deacom, Inc. is the producer of DEACOM, a complete accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for building component and process manufacturers with difficult-to-handle requirements. The DEACOM System seamlessly links all departments within a manufacturing company, providing a comprehensive view of the entire operation. By making complex issues simple, Deacom helps streamline manufacturing business processes to maximize productivity and profitability.