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The concept of using business processes to improve efficiencies has been around for a long time and became a popular business mantra in the 90’s.  Today, the majority of companies agree that following a solid set of business processes is a necessity.  If we all agree that a process approach can help run businesses more efficiently, then why don’t we all use a process to select an ERP software package?  After all, this is the very system that will enable more effective business processes to be used in the organization’s day-to-day operations.

The benefits of following a proven process for selecting ERP software are far reaching the continue well after the ERP implementation is completed.  From my personal experience, I can confidently say a strong software selection process provides three primary benefits.

Three Benefits of Process Driven ERP Software Selection

  • Provides the framework for a core team to work within
  • Ensures there is a focused approached to selecting ERP software
  • Enables the selection project to be done in a predictable, efficient and cost effective manner

When engaging in ERP selection projects, Panorama’s ERP consultants follow to our PERFECT Fit ERP software selection process.  This process is the framework of our team’s work and helps save our clients 50% in ERP costs.

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