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International Business Systems (, a global leader in enterprise solutions for wholesale distributers and manufacturers, has announced a partnership with California-based rfXcel Corporation ( to provide pharmaceutical e-pedigree tracking capabilities in conjunction with IBS Enterprise software solutions.

rfXcel is a leading provider of e-pedigree management solutions that allow manufacturers, distributors, and retailers to track the movement of prescription drugs through the pharmaceutical supply chain. As an IBS solutions partner, rfXcel will provide complete e-pedigree tracking through a real-time interface with IBS Enterprise software, helping businesses satisfy state and federal regulations requiring the authentication and maintenance of all electronically recorded receipts, shipments and other transactions – from origin to destination.

The IBS Enterprise software suite was developed to meet the industry-specific challenges of the pharmaceutical supply chain. The comprehensive solution addresses requirements such as ARCOS reporting, rebate/chargeback handling, licensing verification, lot control, contract pricing, phonetic searching, pedigree tracking, electronic cataloging, and much more. Automated processing helps minimize errors, achieve inventory control and reduce lead times, enabling businesses to improve profitability.

Integration of the rfXcel Active ePedigree Management system with IBS Enterprise benefits a wide range of companies by providing not only the authenticated transaction history of prescription drugs, but also the real-time workflow and notification mechanisms that help solve pedigree issues before they become larger problems.

Andy Berry (VP Sales – Marketing – IBS Americas) is pleased with the new partnership: “rfXcel is committed to providing a strong foundation for enhanced supply chain visibility as well as support for next generation serialization technologies. Despite the complicated nature of the pharmaceutical supply chain, and the continued evolution of standards within the industry, rfXcel has managed to keep abreast of new compliance requirements as they arise. IBS looked at several qualified e-pedigree solutions, but rfXcel offered the most comprehensive and reliable solution for our market. We believe IBS customers will be extremely satisfied with the alliance.”

This partnership is an important achievement in IBS’ strategic growth. It will enable clients to move beyond a paper-based pedigree system to one that will electronically receive, validate, process, sign and send documents to trading partners. The application integrates easily with the IBS Enterprise system to improve visibility, reduce errors, and eliminate the risk associated with compliance to state and federal regulations, while at the same time ensuring scalability to meet future industry demands.

About rfXcel
Founded in 2003 and headquartered in San Ramon, California, rfXcel is a ground-breaking developer of real-time, supply chain optimization solutions. The rfXcel management team and board members are comprised of industry veterans from the life sciences, technology and consumer goods industries. rfXcel was founded on the principal of providing real business value to customers by developing solutions that solve everyday supply chain problems. More information on the Company can be found at

About International Business Systems
IBS is a leading provider of business software and consulting services for Wholesale Distributors and Manufacturers worldwide. Customers rely on IBS’ suite of software applications to automate demanddriven, supply-chain processes and gain a competitive advantage through improved operational efficiencies. Corporate revenues exceed $300 Million, and a network of wholly owned operations supports clients in more than 40 countries. IBS is an IBM Premier Alliance Partner. IBS Americas is headquartered in Folsom, California.