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Stockholm, Sweden, November 9, 2010 – International Business Systems (STO: IBS B), the leading business application supplier for wholesale and distribution, announced the immediate availability of its latest product release of IBS Integrator.

IBS Integrator is a powerful tool to manage systems integration and data management, replication and synchronization. It enables companies to communicate seamlessly with their partners and customers regardless of hardware, software, operating system, database or communication infrastructure.

“The true value IBS Integrator brings to our customers is that it enables all parts of a company’s business ecosystem to work together more effectively. That leads to improvement in the speed and accuracy of processes; the driving down of operational costs; and, ultimately, enables more successful business strategy,” said Mats Odmark, IBS Vice President of Product Development,

Key highlights of the new release, IBS Integrator 6.7, include:

Increased Scalability

  • Ability to configure separate instances of the same service and run them individually allowing customers more control as their business and integration needs grow
  • Load balancing for web services and sites to better handle increased transaction numbers

Enhanced Performance and Robustness

  • Visual statements for StaX (Streaming API for XML) to allow for handling of larger XML files or performance-sensitive solutions
  • Support of failover clustering in Windows Server 2008 R2 ensuring that integration to mission-critical applications and data is available when a customer needs them

Advanced Usability

  • Redesigned and enhanced Job Sorting capabilities providing users with a better overview of their services and jobs including drill-down features; side-by-side viewing; and the ability to clone and customize common services
  • Separate logs for each unique service allowing customers to analyze data at even deeper levels
  • A new Web Service Client Wizard which generates code based on the URL of the target web services description language (WSDL) allowing developers to focus on implementing business logic rather than protocols

Additional Security

  • In addition to FTP and FTP-SSL, IBS Integrator now also contains support to visually integrate with FTP servers running SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)
  • New support for the SSL protocol gives customers the ability to run hosted web sites and services in a secure mode by simply configuring the properties of the application

Better Transparency

  • Extended monitoring and alert management automatically notifies the administrator in case of errors, down to the service level, allowing immediate resolution and minimized disruption
  • Ability to configure how IBS Integrator should respond to partially-processed files occurring due to a termination of service by external events