Eighty-nine percent of executives say that mobile devices will be very important for their company’s success within the next three years. But is mobile CRM more than just a convenience? Can it really make a difference to the bottom line of your business?

The answer is yes. The world has gone mobile. The days of having limited access to methods of long distance communication are over. Most people, even children, have immediate access to mobile wireless networks everywhere they go. They are calling, texting, emailing and interacting via social media for many hours every day.

Many employees are bringing their phones, tablets and laptops to work and businesses are adopting “Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)” policies that save the company money and give employees the freedom to take their work with them everywhere.

There are numerous advantages to having mobile devices in general, and there are even more advantages when it comes to business applications, especially customer relationship management (CRM) software. The CRM Software Blog has released a new infographic that highlights some of those advantages. The infographic, “Six Strategic Advantages of Mobile CRM”, uses colorful, easy-to-follow illustrations to concisely describe how going mobile with CRM can boost your sales, increase productivity, accelerate cash flow and provide many other benefits.

CRM Mobile Infographic

The infographic is a brief overview of the more detailed information found in the CRM Software Blog’s white paper, “Why Go Mobile?  Six Strategic Objectives You Can Conquer With Mobile CRM”. With these tools, you can get a jump start on the competition and start reaping the benefits of mobile CRM today. You can download the infographic at www.crmsoftwareblog.com/mobile-crm.

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