There’s no shortage of options when it comes to CRM solutions. On one level that’s a good thing: competition means the best options are better than they otherwise would be, and diversity means there’s an option that fits your business. At the same time, sifting through the choices isn’t exactly a pleasant process. And reading one more research report can make your head swim. The CRM Software Blog recently made the case for choosing Microsoft Dynamics CRM with an infographic (below):

crm 24ways infographic 2

Following are a few of the takeaways from the infographic:

Worldliness – Microsoft Dynamics is used by people from 80 countries speaking 40 different languages. That’s 30,000 clients in an increasingly interconnected world.

Numbers – Put simply, over 2 million people use the software. We won’t argue that 2 million people can’t be wrong, but a software capable of supporting 2 million people certainly has had plenty of opportunities to fail. It hasn’t.

Versatility – You can run it in-house or on the cloud. You can connect to it from anywhere, no need to restrict access to a call center. There are over 1,200 applications that work in tandem with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, meaning there’s certainly more than one way to use it.

Appeal to Multiple Industries – Virtually any business (or government or nonprofit) that deals with people can benefit from using it. Organizations that operate in construction, retail, transportation, real estate, insurance, health care and education industries, among others, all can capitalize on its abilities.

Marketing Capabilities – With segmentation, lead scoring, intuitive and helpful analytics and insightful campaign management, it can be used as a marketing tool just as well as a customer service tool. This gives you an advantage over businesses that don’t track customer buying behavior and approach them coldly.

Visit the CRM Software Blog to download the 24 Wildly Creative Ways Companies Use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to Drive Revenue and Serve Customers white paper.


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