Municipality | Change Management

Client Problem

A large capital city in the United States engaged Panorama to determine the effectiveness of the organizational change management component of their ERP project. The project involved the implementation of Tyler Munis ERP software. Our consultants provided a basic review of the city’s current change management strategy, plans, tools and related documentation. These documents and plans were developed by several external consultants and the city’s change management team. Panorama consultants also went on-site to conduct one-on-one interviews with individuals involved in the project on various levels. Panorama also facilitated two focus groups with end-users and change advocates.

Problem Highlights

  • Organizational cultural challenges
  • Current system shortfalls
  • Unrealistic project goals and poorly managed expectations
  • A history of issues with business technologies
  • Lackluster training
  • Ineffective communications and channels
  • Workforce transition ambiguity
  • Lack of benefits realization
  • Low user acceptance
  • Lack of process standardization

Panorama Solution

Panorama focused on determining how the change management program was developed, the results of the strategies and the city’s tactics. We provided concise recommendations for improvement allowing the city to move forward and regain momentum in the implementation.

Solution Highlights

  • Actionable roadmaps for benefits realization
  • Workforce transition clarity that led to more effective and efficient training
  • Change management gap identification, including more effective communication tactics and user-acceptance tactics
  • Audience segmentation to provide the right information to the right stakeholders
  • Prioritized action items to close change management gaps
  • More focus on tactical solutions than on esoteric strategy
  • “What’s-in-it-for-me” messaging – critical to end user buy-in
  • Communications auditing tactics and government best practices
  • Change management effectiveness measures and feedback forms
  • An organizational readiness assessment coupled with focus groups to enable audience segmentation
  • Identification of change management issues:
    • Lack of current state process documentation
    • Lack of participation in change management activities
    • Choked information flows to stakeholders
    • Lack of change management team output control
    • Lack of commitment to change
  • Analysis of feedback to improve change management materials
  • Change impact analysis
  • Risk mitigation analysis

Measurable Business Results

Panorama delivered the above active suggestions to the client to enable quantifiable improvements in their change management strategy. All of these improvements were realized in less than three months after the start of the engagement.