One of our recent ERP Selection clients told us their sales had improved dramatically because a competitor had implemented a new ERP system and their competitor’s shipping lead-time had gone from 6 days to 6 weeks. I don’t know the specifics of this implementation but I’m not surprised to hear of this result.

When we analyze RFP responses for clients of our Perfect Fit ERP Software Selection practice we almost invariably see a project plan with four steps:

  1. Installation Support
  2. Data Migration
  3. Technical Training
  4. Go Live Support

Our clients want to know if they can really deliver to which I respond yes they can but will your business be better as a result? I call this Going Dead! Where is the integration of Business Requirements, the development of new and improved Business Processes and the realization of tangible Business Benefits in these implementations?

ERP vendors are very adept at technical implementation of their software which they can typically do in 6 months. But, driving real business benefits takes an investment not covered in their plan.

Our Perfect Path implementation methodology begins by embracing the Business Requirements that led to the selection of the ERP system. From there we develop benefit metrics that the new ERP system should deliver and we work with clients to design and implement new business process that realize these benefits. We make certain the ERP system is implemented and configured in such a way to deliver these. I call this Going Live!

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