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Epicor Named in the “Visionaries” Quadrant Based on Ability to Execute and Completeness of Vision

Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, today announced it has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the “Visionaries” quadrant of the Magic Quadrant (MQ) for Single-Instance ERP for Product-Centric Midmarket Companies based on the evaluation of its next-generation enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution, Epicor ERP.1

Vendors included in the 2015 MQ for Single-Instance ERP for Product-Centric Midmarket Companies have demonstrated the ability to provide ERP systems for global, multientity, midsize-to-large enterprise customers across a range of industries. This MQ is focused on the needs of product-centric businesses in manufacturing, distribution or a combination of both, with between 100 and 999 employees — but potentially 3,000 employees or more — with annual revenues between $200 million and $2 billion, having limited IT resources, and seeking ERP systems with low total cost of ownership.2 Access to the full report is available from the Epicor website.

“We believe our positioning in the visionaries’ quadrant is testament to our customer-first focus, and our ability to deliver value through innovative software that frees businesses up to focus on growth,” said Joe Cowan, president and chief executive officer of Epicor. “With every new release of Epicor ERP we continue to raise the bar on quality, performance, and scalability, in addition to making it easier for our customers to stay current with technology enhancements whether they’ve deployed in the cloud or on-premises.”

Evolving Market Trends and Changes 

According to Gartner, since the last publication of this Magic Quadrant, “the four trends that Gartner describes as the Nexus of Forces (analytics, social, mobile and cloud) continue to be essential for most systems analyzed, as do support for user-centric ERP strategies and more flexible systems using a model-driven architecture.” In addition, “three trends have become more evident since the last publication of this Magic Quadrant in 2014: postmodern ERP; cloud ERP; and in-memory computing/embedded analytics to support digital business.”3

Today, over 5,000 customers — from manufacturers and distributors, to services organizations — representing more than 80 countries around the globe have selected Epicor ERP to run their organizations. Epicor ERP version 10 — evaluated in the 2015 MQ for Single-Instance ERP for Product-Centric Midmarket Companies – was announced in April 2014, and is built on agile technology that eliminates complexity to make ERP easier to use, more collaborative and more responsive than ever before. Epicor ERP is designed to support today’s business imperatives: social collaboration, deployment flexibility, accelerated performance and broad device accessibility. With the powerful Epicor ICE Business Architecture as its foundation, Epicor ERP can be deployed across multiple devices, from tablets to PCs, delivered in the cloud or on-premises, with the same consistent experience in a single solution.

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