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Leading Regional Private Hospital Selects Epicor Next-Generation ERP

Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in business software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, announced Friendly Society Private Hospital, one of Australia’s leading regional private hospitals, has selected Epicor next-generation ERP solution due to the flexibility of the solutions’ technology, strong business intelligence (BI) capabilities and mobility enablement.

Established in 1946, Friendly Society Private Hospital has grown to become the leading hospital of choice within the Bundaberg and Wide Bay region. The hospital boasts modern facilities and rooms with a capacity of over 120 beds and is also one of Bundaberg’s largest workforces employing in excess of 400 staff. The facility is regarded as one of Australia’s leading regional private hospitals, combining the latest technology with the highest standards of care.

Epicor ERP was chosen by the hospital after an extensive six-month tender process. “It was important that we did our due diligence during the selection process,” said Terri McCracken, finance manager for Friendly Society Private Hospital. “We started with five vendors and quickly narrowed it down to two. We looked at price and functionality but it was important to keep the two separate. We took the time to understand the Epicor product as best we could before moving ahead and we are all comfortable with where we are going.”

The hospital will begin implementing a number of modules including: Advanced Requisition Management for electronic requisitions and purchase orders; Advanced Financial Management for general ledger; as well as Asset Maintenance, Customer Relationship Management and XL Connect, an Excel based reporting and analytics solution.

The Friendly Society Private Hospital’s decision to implement Epicor came down to the solution’s ability to provide flexibility, increase productivity and an aligned vision between the two companies. “Epicor offered us flexibility. We were impressed with the software’s underlying structure and architecture, which is going to grow and adapt as our business changes,” said McCracken. “The Hospital has been around for over 60 years, we have seen lots of trends and continue to experience significant growth and investigate new opportunities. Over the next 10-15 years the solution will move with us.”

The ability to increase productivity and utilise the Epicor BI tools also played an important part in the decision making process. “The Epicor Everywhere framework is unique in that it extends the applications to web browsers and mobile devices,” said McCracken. “The other competitors that we looked at didn’t have the seamlessness of Epicor who will provide us with the ability to work wherever we are and always have our fingers on the pulse. Business intelligence was a large part of the framework. Epicor BI, analytics and reporting tools will empower our managers to understand their own KPIs, investigate any problems and make informed decisions using live data.”

McCracken continued, “We see this as a long-term partnership and Epicor is an innovative vendor. They are at the forefront and we possess an aligned vision with where we are heading—we are always looking forward and always striving to improve.”

The hospital will be looking for Epicor next-generation ERP to have a significant impact on the day-today running of the facility. Removing the limitations of the hospital’s current manual-based systems will provide numerous benefits. McCracken explained, “It is going to be a big win for everybody. Epicor will automate the majority of our manual tasks and it will significantly improve our internal controls, giving us the rules and alerts to manage our workflow more effectively. Live data, from purchase requisition to general ledger, will enable us to monitor and run reports on a daily basis. Epicor will help us to do our day to day finance tasks smarter and the new system will remove the limitations of the current system and the constraints of dead data.”

Craig Charlton, senior vice president and general manager for Epicor in Asia Pacific said, “We are pleased to welcome the Friendly Society Private Hospital to Epicor. We share a common aspiration to lead our respective industries from the front and we are looking forward to establishing a long-term partnership. The innovation and superior architecture behind our next-generation ERP solution was instrumental in the hospital’s decision. Businesses all over the world are enjoying the flexibility of our industry leading technology and the seamlessness of the Epicor Everywhere framework. As the hospital’s business changes, our technology will provide an important backbone while continuing to support their operations.”