ERP isn’t usually a laughing matter, at least not for most of us. However, the other day a colleague of mine forwarded a blog entry with a humorous take on the five worst mistakes that you can take during implementation (click here to read the blog).

Although my list isn’t as funny, here are a few other common mistakes and pitfalls from past ERP implementation experiences (in no particular order):

  1. Lack of executive sponsorship
  2. Lack of focus on organizational change management and training (click here to read a recent article on why OCM and training should focus on more than system training)
  3. Lack of project resources, both internal and external
  4. Lack of budget, often due to unrealistic expectations during implementation
  5. Lack of focus on defining business processes and workflows

Poor project leadership management, including managing resources and scope, leveraging best practices, etc.

Poor fit between your chosen ERP software and your business requirements (click here to read about best practices in ERP software selection to make sure this doesn’t happen to you)

This is just a starting point – what else have I missed?

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