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International Mail Services solution guarantees next-day worldwide mail delivery

Esker, the leader in document process automation solutions, today announced its new International Mail Services (IMS) solution leveraging a global network of mail production facilities capable of processing and delivering documents throughout the world, directly from enterprise applications. Esker is the first company to offer a worldwide network of interconnected on-demand mail facilities and guarantee mail delivery by local postal services within 24 hours of documents being generated.

Strategically located Esker facilities in France, Spain, Belgium, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and Singapore enable customers to benefit from significant time and cost savings. Based on a unique concept of real-time processing, the on-demand IMS service helps businesses reduce Days Sales Outstanding (DSO), speed up their revenue cycle, improve customer satisfaction and increase profitability. All mail processes are 100 percent automated by Esker software (Esker DeliveryWare) – from the sending of a document by the customer to printing, folding, tracking and delivery to the postal service – through a multi-tenant architecture.

For most businesses, the transition to a fully automated system is a progressive one. Because immediate migration to a completely paperless environment is often impractical, many companies continue to use paper but would like to automate the processing and delivery of documents. Esker mail facilities meet this need by automating the processing, the printing and the worldwide delivery of mail, offering substantial savings to customers.

Significant cost savings

Documents submitted to the Esker on Demand platform are printed, stuffed into envelopes and handed off to local postal services within one day, enabling customers to benefit from up to 45 percent savings in mail production costs. Hidden costs of mail houses and mailrooms (set-up fees, implementation and customization, maintenance and manual processes) are eliminated without compromising application integration.

Routing mail to the facility nearest to the recipient results in up to 50 percent savings on postage costs and a significant reduction in mail delivery time compared with mailing to all recipients from one location. Customers receive their invoices quicker and can pay them sooner, enabling companies to collect revenue more rapidly and subsequently lower their DSO by as much as seven days. A decreased carbon footprint is an additional benefit to mail being printed at the facility closest to the recipient as the need for air mail transport is greatly reduced.

Trusted solution

Today, over 675 Esker Mail Services customers across a wide variety of industries use Esker mail facilities for diverse document delivery needs – invoices, collection letters, business correspondence and marketing communications. The Esker IMS solution provides them with increased capabilities and efficiencies for international mail delivery, resulting in considerable time and cost savings.

One such example is Arkadin, a global provider of audio and web conferencing services. Arkadin selected Esker to automate the sending of more than 18,000 monthly invoices from its 12 worldwide European subsidiaries (France, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Germany, Switzerland, Australia and the United States). Over 80,000 monthly pages are sent from the Esker production facility closest to the recipient, resulting in reduced costs and delivery times due to least-cost routing. With the Esker IMS solution, Arkadin has optimized its invoicing process and reduced processing time from six days to two days.

Reliable partners

Esker works with leading partners to ensure that service and quality is guaranteed. Mail is delivered to destinations around the world by local principal postal services partners including: Singapore Post, BPost, United States Postal Service, La Poste, Swiss Post, Royal Mail, TNT, Correos, and Australia Post.

“Esker Mail Services processes over five million pages every month for organizations around the world, making traditional business documents completely electronic for the sender. The new international element delivers additional advantages to companies, enabling them to further increase processing speed while reducing costs and mail delivery times,” said Jean-Michel Bérard, CEO and President of the Board of Directors, Esker. “Esker is the first to offer a network of production facilities directly connected to ERP, CRM and business applications. We are seeing an increased interest from the market and anticipate our newest offer to attract many new customers.”