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On Thursday, September 18, we will be co-hosting a webinar for small to mid-sized organizations who are interested in ERP.

This collaborative Webinar is an educational and informational resource for organizations currently engaged in or considering a project to replace their existing business software. The webinar will provide valuable insight and an unbiased perspective from an experienced independent consultant and an uncensored view of software selection direct from an ERP software developer.

ERP Webinar Highlights

  • The complete industry definition of ERP software.
  • What type of companies benefit from the use of ERP software.
  • How to perform a self-evaluation to determine if your organization needs new business software.
  • How to estimate potential ERP software benefits objectively.
  • How to perform an effective and structured ERP software evaluation process.
  • How to select the best ERP software for your organization’s unique business requirements.
  • How to validate the cultural fit between your organization and the prospective ERP software vendor.

The Webinar is designed to educate business and functional executives, CFO’s, project managers, and information technology professionals at small to medium-sized manufacturers and wholesale distributors.