All our dreams can come true – if we have the courage to pursue them. – Walt Disney

Very likely, you have dreams for your company. As a leader, you have a vision of what you’d like you’re company become. Dreams and vision and plans need articulation and movement towards fulfillment before they become a reality.

Since your ERP system records so much of your company’s activities, it is an inevitable part of the platform for making your dreams come true and your vision come to fulfillment.

Many ERP implementation projects begin with a project charter that includes statements of vision, purpose and goals. The vision paints a picture to inspire an understanding of what your company will become. Your vision will help to guide your company through the storms and obstacles that are sure to present themselves along the way and provide a beacon to makesure your company arrives at the intended destination.

ERP suites enable your company to perform at its best today and prepare it to go where you want it to be. ERP systems are integrated suites of business applications that help different people and processes in your business to work together. They provide the framework for top line growth (sales), for bottom line growth (profits) and for top to bottom process improvements (productivity).

ERP systems are like the control panel of business enterprises. Through features like business intelligence, executive dashboards and alerts, ERP provide an early warning system. ERP systems keep you in knowledgeable control of your company and help you to anticipate and manage the unexpected.

ERP systems provide a function analogous to the central nervous system in the human body. They gather, process and store vital information. The transactions recorded in your ERP system measure the vital signs of your company’s financial and operational health. ERP systems record the pulse of transactions through your company and they report on the net effect of those transactions.

ERP systems put information at your fingertips and enable the responsiveness of your company. You need your company to be healthy and responsive today in order for it to be strong in turning your dreams and vision into a future reality.

As a control panel, your ERP system provides indicators to show you the progress of your dream and vision as it develops. With a dream and a vision and a great ERP system and great people, you can guide your company forward with great hope for great days to come.

The experts at Panorama Consulting can help develop your organization’s vision and strategy to ensure a successful ERP software selection and implementation.

Blog post written by Greg Griffith, a business analyst at Panorama Consulting Solutions.

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