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Interface Improvements Allow Users to Easily Extend the Software’s Functionality and Personalize the User Interface

Epicor Software Corporation, a global leader in ERP software solutions for manufacturing, distribution, retail and services organizations, today announced a major upgrade to Epicor LumberTrack (formerly from Progressive Solutions), a comprehensive business software solution for lumber and wood products manufacturers and wholesale distributors. The new version of LumberTrack gives customers advanced customization tools to create role-based user experiences, simplify screens, streamline data entry, extend data accessibility and support multiple languages.

Epicor LumberTrack is a feature-rich software solution that provides accurate inventory information in real time and integrates all business management functions for hardwood and softwood sawmills, panel mills, value-added remanufacturers, distributors, wholesalers and brokers. This latest update to LumberTrack offers the following new features:

  • User-defined Fields – allows users to extend the functionality of their software by giving them a bank of fields that they can easily customize with data that is unique to their business or market. These fields can be text, date, numbers or calculated macro commands.
  • Data Access and Extension – The software’s data management system more readily allows data to flow into other applications, such as the Epicor Dispatch and Delivery Management System (DDMS), to extend the functionality into other parts of the business.
  • Flexible User Interface – The software’s new FlexGrid technology allows users to clear screen clutter and customize the information displayed according to their job function. By displaying only the data they need, users can monitor their KPIs, identify key tasks more quickly and streamline data entry.
  • Multilingual Support – The new release is architected to support any language, including languages that require double-byte character sets (e.g., Japanese, Korean and Chinese).
  • Multiple Windows – Allows users to work on multiple transactions simultaneously.
  • Export Functionality – Epicor is building on LumberTrack’s strong feature set for lumber exporters by adding a new Letter of Credit module.

“Epicor LumberTrack is a proven product that successfully manages many of the top lumber and wood products businesses,” said Keith Matterson, vice president of LumberTrack for Epicor. “In this latest update, Epicor focused on improving the user interface to make LumberTrack that much easier to use and extendable. LumberTrack works the way you do.”

One of the top 10 lumber producers in the U.S., Idaho Forest Group, uses LumberTrack to manage its five mills in Northern Idaho and is a beta site for the new release of LumberTrack. “The previous version of LumberTrack provided a comprehensive business management solution, and we are excited about the added flexibility of the new version,” said Melody Martz, sales analyst for Idaho Forest Group. “LumberTrack will now give us the ability to customize our application to capture and display additional information that is most important to us by utilizing enhanced user-defined fields. We can name a field, define its type, and instantly begin using it system-wide without waiting for an enhancement.”