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Version 11.0 of Deacom, Inc.’s DEACOM Integrated Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Software System includes new functionality that provides ERP accounting software users in the building component and process manufacturing industries with enhanced internal and external reporting abilities.

DEACOM integrates all areas of a manufacturer – purchasing, sales, production, inventory management, lot control, formulation, engineering links, labor tracking, stores/POS, and accounting – in one ERP software system. With the system’s new dashboard feature, users can compile an infinite number of reports from across all business processes into a single summary screen. So users who reference the same reports regularly – such as monthly production costs or year-to-date revenue – can create a dashboard that provides at-a-glance views of each report, through which they can then drill down to individual transactional details.

“Dashboards give you one spot to view the data you need most often, so you don’t have to repeat your research every day,” says Chris Conroy, implementation specialist at Deacom. “This is especially helpful for upper management who want to keep a constant, top-level view of business operations.”

Dashboard users also have the ability to set a “target value” for each report to measure real-time report data against company goals. These report summaries then can be viewed graphically, for a visual representation of company performance.

Another DEACOM reporting feature, cube groups, lets users save reports for export to third-party reporting tools, such as Crystal Reports.

“Cube groups take the risk for errors out of using external reporting tools,” Conroy says. “Having a direct link between your ERP system data and the reporting software means you’re always working with accurate, complete information.”

DEACOM Version 11.0 is one of several system upgrades issued by Deacom this year, illustrating the company’s philosophy of providing constant, gradual improvement by releasing upgrades every few weeks.

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