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CGI has entered into a new contract with Eltel, a leading European services provider specializing in the utilities sector, for the delivery of infrastructure, data center and application management services across Eltel’s IT operations in the Nordic region and Baltic states. Over the longer term, more of the countries in which Eltel is active are expected to be included in the contract.

As part of this contract, CGI will migrate Eltel’s data centers to its own data centers and consolidate the company’s IT environment. The five-year contract is valued at approximately 80 million Swedish Krona (CA$12.8 million).

Eltel is a supplier of technology services for critical infrastructure networks, known as Infranets. Its customers include telecoms operators and power companies. The company is undergoing an expansion phase, so scalable, flexible IT services are needed to make it easier to rapidly integrate—and realize the value of—acquired businesses. CGI’s modern infrastructure services, which include self-service options, proactive follow-up and shorter lead times, will facilitate Eltel’s efforts to futureproof its IT infrastructure.

“The possibility to order servers and services through a self-service portal will improve our efficiency and will save us both time and money” says Michael Langendorf, CIO at Eltel. “Centralizing our IT infrastructure will also give us better leverage for all our businesses and result in more stable and secure services, both for our customers and internally.”

“Our partnership with Eltel has involved their Swedish business so far,” said Pär Fors, Senior Vice-President of CGI’s Swedish business unit. “We now are looking forward to supporting Eltel’s development and expansion at a much broader level and contributing to a faster go-to-market. Eltel has high ambitions and is at the cutting edge of development, so I am not at all surprised that it is one of the first companies of its kind to use our modernized infrastructure services.”

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