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Business software solution for large, multi-vertical dealers is now available as SaaS

ECi Software Solutions (, a leader in industry-specific information technology solutions, today announced their premier office solution, ECi DDMS, has moved to “the cloud” with the launch of ECiCloud for DDMS. The biggest advantage of a cloud application is ease of use; open a browser, log in and start using it. ECiCloud can be up and running much quicker than traditional systems and total cost of ownership is less than an onsite solution. In addition, the user does not have to worry with server maintenance or software uploads, as that is handled by DDMS.

The user controls their version of the application, though, and will be able to dictate console access, content uploads and system upgrades.

“This is very exciting technology!” says Stacy Pool (Heemsbergen), Vice President of ECi Office Products Divisions, DDMS and Britannia. “ECiCloud adds value for our customers in several ways. One, it provides high data security backed by our data center. It also provides expanded access to DDMS because ECiCloud can be accessed from any Internet connection. Plus, overall efficiency is increased because the hosted solution runs much faster than the on-premise solution.”

“By leveraging the secure environment we have built to host our e-commerce solution, ECinteractive, and our Private Supply Network (PSN), ECi is now poised to offer a hosted solution for DDMS,” Tom Gerrity, Senior Vice President of Operations for ECi, adds. “We are thrilled with this new solution and the value it will add for our customers. The cloud is where ERP technology is headed, and we are committed to keeping our customers on the cutting edge of this technology to help them improve efficiency and increase profitability. Cloud computing opens up a range of possibilities in regards to information sharing and mobile use and we are very excited to introduce this to our customers.”

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