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London, May 27, 2010 – Lawson Software today announced that Lawson Channel Partner Alfa-Beta Solutions has signed a contract for the implementation of Lawson for Food & Beverage with Agrico Coöperatie u.a.. Agrico will replace its legacy software with the industry-specific Lawson solution for the food and beverage industry and use it for the major areas finance, supply chain, enterprise performance management, manufacturing and customer sales & services. The Lawson solution will help Agrico manage its supply chain and help drive business efficiency, which can ultimately help support the company’s market position. The contract with Agrico was signed during Lawson’s third quarter of fiscal 2010, which ended Feb. 28, 2010.

Agrico, based in Emmeloord in the Netherlands, is a farming cooperative of 950 specialist potato growers who grow, breed, collect, process and sell seed potatos, ware potatos and organically grown potatos throughout the world. Agrico sells several organic potato varieties (Agria, Ditta, Toluca and Sante) under the brand name Bioselect. The company is committed to producing high quality products geared to the customers’ specific preferences and demands around the world. Agrico growers have up-to-date cold store facilities and grading stations throughout their working area, and their produce complies with the most recent food safety standards.

The evaluation project has been driven by Lawson partner Alfa-Beta Solutions B. V. Alfa-Beta Solutions is business partner of Lawson since 2001 and a full-suite Lawson M3 channel partner, concentrating primarily on the food and beverage market. Based in Arnhem, the Netherlands, the company employs 16 industry experts and consultants with deep knowledge in management sciences and extensive experience in implementing ERP and business intelligence solution,

“Lawson for Food & Beverage combines industry-specific content with built-in business tools based on Lawson’s experience and knowledge of the food and beverage industry. This made Lawson a great cultural and functional fit for our business. We needed a flexible solution that can grow right along with our expanding business. Lawson and Alfa-Beta Solutions will support us to get greater visibility into customer orders, which helps us provide improved customer service and makes our day-to-day business easier. We have been impressed during the evaluation project by the 100 percent commitment of Lawsons partner Alfa-Beta Solutions and the industry expertise which they have shown during the workshops. Lawson and Alfa-Beta Solutions really understand the business processes and requirements of our specific industry,” said Norbert van der Leegte, project manager for Agrico.

“We focus on providing the most valuable and efficient solutions to our customers,” said Frank Resink, managing partner at Alfa-Beta Solutions. “Alfa-Beta Solutions food and beverage industry domain expertise in combination with solutions from Lawson will help us better meet the needs of our customers in this space and enhance customer experiences. We are proud to have Agrico as an important new customer in our strategic food and beverage vertical.”