I’m a big metrics guy, so earlier this week I revisited some of the many ERP polls on our web-site. Maybe it was me needing a quantitative fix until we publish our 2011 ERP Report, or maybe I’m just plain weird. In any case, I digress…

One of the surveys that jumped out at me was one that asked CIOs and CFOs to identify what they consider to be the deadliest sin of ERP implementations. I was somewhat surprised to see that a majority cited lack of organizational change management and lack of an ERP business blueprint as the top concerns. I may have been surprised, but was certainly not disappointed to see this.

We too often see companies that are in such a rush to implement that they forget these two critical components. After all, if we just let the software drive the business processes and workflows, there’s no need to create a business blueprint, right? And the software is so easy to use that we don’t need organizational change management – sounds reasonable, yes? Unfortunately, too many CIOs buy into this faulty line of thinking, more so than the participants in our surveys.

What do you think – what do you consider to be the deadliest sin of ERP systems? Leave a comment below or take the poll to see how you compare to others.

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