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Deacom, Inc., producer of the DEACOM ERP software system for mid-to-large sized batch process manufacturing companies, has begun testing its newest product offering, a SaaS-based CRM system! The new technology is .NET and Java based and will be released in conjunction with an iPhone application developed using the Apple iOS tools.

Jay Deakins, president of Deacom, Inc., explained the company’s strategy, “Our existing CRM functionality has been a standard module in our ERP system for a number of years. We have been slowly converting the back-end of our entire application to .NET technology which will now allow us to roll out the front-end technology fairly rapidly.” The CRM application will be Deacom’s first software released with the web-based front end using the .NET middleware. Existing customers will be able to use the web-based CRM system and the iPhone application with a SaaS model. The software will also be offered on a stand-alone basis to new customers who are only looking for CRM tools. Jay Deakins commented further, “This is our first entry into the SaaS market and our first web-based application. The rest of the DEACOM ERP system will be converted to the web-based model in 2012. We will be evaluating our SaaS results and determining how we might use SaaS for our ERP application. SaaS and the web-based technology are new frontiers for Deacom which are very exciting.”

Deacom plans to complete their internal testing of the SaaS based CRM application in the fourth quarter of 2011 and make the application available to customers in January 2012.

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