bacon-1323412_1920We all know that a healthy diet is key to living longer and better. Your government organization is just like a human body. It needs a healthy diet of credible data, communication and common purpose. However, off-track procedures, duplicate efforts and manual processes are like an overdose of high fat bacon. Yes, it can be delicious in fooling yourself that hours of activity will equal progress; however, your organization processes feckless effort that same way your body processes too much bacon. Below is a handy guide on why new ERP software,  business process reengineering, change management and appropriate software can be the very medicine your organization craves:

  1. ERP helps you create a healthy organization. Bacon stays in your arteries.
  2. ERP is always there for you, 24/7/365. My local market always runs out of my favorite brand of microwavable bacon.
  3. ERP does not nag or complain, it simply does what it is asked. Bacon mocks you. Silently. Lounging in its decadent maple goodness.
  4. ERP can go anywhere at any time, even in the cloud. Bacon has to be kept in a refrigerator and does not exist in a cloud based solution.
  5. Bacon is made up of about 40% saturated fat, accompanied by a decent amount of cholesterol. ERP on the other hand is gluten free, non-GMO and has no saturated fat. Panorama gleefully cuts out the fat out during our business requirements sessions.

Whatever your thoughts on free range bacon are or if you prefer to reach for the turkey bacon at the grocery store, the concerned professionals at Panorama can improve your data diet. We can parachute data commandoes into the chaotic current state of your organization with its high cholesterol business processes and unhealthy manual activities. We can satisfy the urge to provide a well-balanced diet of lean information to your leaders. Intrigued? Check out our white paper, The Need for Public Sector Innovation: Facing the Challenges Posed by Public Sector IT Initiatives for even more gluten free ERP thought leadership.

Written by Rich Farrell, Senior Account Executive at Panorama Consulting Solutions. 

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