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Consona Corporation (Consona), a worldwide leader in providing customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and services for companies of all sizes, today announced the general availability of PCB Panelizer, a new solution for printed circuit board (PCB) manufacturers that automates panelization for maximum raw material utilization and manufacturability. PCB Panelizer is the newest product in the Cimnet Systems pre-production suite, a comprehensive set of solutions specifically designed for leading PCB manufacturers to deliver continuous improvement, cost savings and increased customer satisfaction in pre-production processes.

Panel layout optimization is an important step in reducing costs and improving efficiencies in PCB materials and manufacturing processes. Cimnet Systems’ PCB Panelizer automates the nesting of boards, arrays and coupons for maximum panel utilization and manufacturability for both rectangular and complex shapes. These innovative capabilities extend well beyond those of legacy systems and deliver immediate value in improving speed and accuracy during quoting and engineering. Among the highlights of PCB Panelizer are the following features:

  • Accommodates complex shapes, including flex, and rigid flex boards
  • Enables nesting of multiple boards, arrays and coupons in the same panel
  • Imports and exports engineering data such as Gerber, CAM, DXF files with other pre-production applications
  • Includes a Layout Editor for fine-tuning the panel layout, allowing additional adjustments to optimize material used on expensive panels
  • Produces dimensioned PDF drawings that save time, improve accuracy and reduce error
  • Integrates with other Cimnet Systems pre-production and ERP solutions
  • Optimizes the number of guillotine cuts

“Our users are currently doing these tasks manually and found the PCB Panelizer to be a smart tool particularly for nesting of complex circuitry and coupon requirements while allowing for flexibility with spacing, panel size & panel utilization,” said Christine Harrington, director of operations, Amphenol Printed Circuits.

“For some time now PCB manufacturers have been seeking ways to handle the challenges of nesting complex shapes and coupons and simultaneously improve the speed and accuracy of quotations and engineering jobs and the PCB Panelizer provides the answer to that equation,” said Frank O’Nell, vice president product management, Consona. “Consona is able to bring these products to market because we capitalize on our most valuable resource – the feedback of our customers.”

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Consona Corporation is a worldwide leader in providing customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software and services for companies of all sizes. Consona is dedicated to becoming a valued business partner by helping each and every customer continuously improve business processes over time. Toward this mission, Consona invests in the people, processes, technology and tools needed to provide its customers with a unique combination of customer care; product fit; a broad range of consulting, IT and business services; and industry expertise. Consona serves more than 4,500 customers worldwide and across a variety of industries, including manufacturing, distribution, financial services, health care, high tech, and local government. Battery Ventures and Thoma Bravo jointly own Consona. For further information, visit, e-mail [email protected], or call (888) 8 CONSONA.