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Infor, a leading provider of business application software serving more than 70,000 customers, today announced Citizen Machinery Asia Co., Ltd., a leading manufacturer and exporter of CNC (Computer Numerical control) has selected Lawson M3 ERP Enterprise in Thailand to help optimize its manufacturing processes and improve its business performance and productivity.

“Infor clearly understands our business model and the operational objectives that we are looking to achieve. With our business expanding rapidly, there is a need to find a solution that can respond to our growing requirements. Our new partnership with Infor will help us meet our objectives through the implementation of a system designed for product planning, real time access to critical information, warehouse control and mobility,” said Mr. Tahnon Chaithavuthi, Manager Administrative Dept of Citizen Machinery Asia Co., Ltd. “Each productivity process is needed in planning and quality control. Lawson M3 ERP Enterprise, a world class ERP system, is the one that can meet our needs.”

“Lawson M3 ERP Enterprise has strong productivity and planning modules. The Infor team in Thailand is very experienced in implementation and system consultation which makes us confident that we will soon reap results from our investment,” said Ms. Nuntana Ponlaem, Assistant Manager Production Control at Citizen Machinery Asia Co., Ltd.

“Citizen Machinery Asia requires accurate real-time information to optimize the company’s production plans and decision-making process. They need a solution that can help them increase production quality and quality control in order to provide excellent products to their customers. Lawson M3 ERP Enterprise is designed to assist in reducing operational overheads and supporting operational efficiencies in complex manufacturing environments like Citizen Machinery Asia, providing the right information to make accurate decisions,” said Ms. Benjawan Aksornsri, Managing Director, Lawson (Thailand) Co., Ltd, an Infor Channel Partner.

“Lawson M3 ERP Enterprise enables manufacturers like Citizen Machinery Asia to monitor transactions throughout their organization, including manufacturing operations, supply chain activities, customer and supplier relationships, warehouse and distribution processes,” said David Hope, President, Asia Pacific South, Infor. “Citizen Machinery will therefore be able to streamline their operations and increase visibility while significantly enhancing the management of their operational assets.”

About Citizen Machinery Asia Co., Ltd.

Citizen Machinery Asia is the overseas subsidiary of Citizen Machinery Miyano Co., Ltd. In Thailand. A leading Manufacturer and exporter of CNC (Computer Numerical control), it produces and distributes high-precision parts for various high-tech industries and has been operating in Thailand since 2001.