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Cincom Systems will demonstrate the latest release of Cincom Eloquence at the Insurance Network Strategic Claims Conference on 7th March 2012 in London. As the industry’s most intuitive document automation solution for customer communications, Cincom Eloquence enables insurers to easily create and deliver bespoke claims correspondence and policies, adapting them to the needs of individuals, while applying the logic of mass production to reduce costs.

The Insurance Network Strategic Claims Conference will focus on the strategic value claims departments bring to an organisation and its customers. By focusing on the strategic claims challenges of the next 3-5 years, this conference will provide a forum for directors to discuss and benchmark their future approach.

“The Insurance Network Strategic Claims Conference is a great venue for us to demonstrate Eloquence,” said Philippe Rouas, EMEA Sales Director, Cincom Document Solutions group. “We have a nearly 30 year history of helping insurers around the world acquire, retain and strengthen their customer relationships. Involvement in a strategic claims event provides a platform for exchange between us and the wider claims community, ensuring that we stay on top of industry pain points and standards.”

With an increasingly transparent and competitive market place, insurers are exploring new channels to link customers, agents, brokers and back offices. With the proliferation of smart devices and social networks, consumer buying habits and the way consumers communicate are changing. Insurers who can embrace these evolving communication channels are better placed to develop the customer satisfaction and loyalty that will bolster their growth prospects. A recent McKinsey business technology report suggested that forward-looking insurers are achieving advantages through the intensive use of technology which is facilitating new types of interactions with customers and company agents.

“We recognise that consumer demands are changing,” Rouas continued. “Cincom Eloquence can help insurers create highly personalised communications that can be delivered to multiple channels, such as renewals via text messaging or short-term policies via SMS.”

With multiple touch points involved in every interaction, it is crucial that each communication is relevant, timely, consistent, accurate and delivered to the channel of choice. “Using customer data to tailor products, offers insurers huge cross-sell and up-sell opportunities,” commented Rouas.

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About Cincom Eloquence
As recognised innovators in document automation and multi-channel communications, Cincom Eloquence provides automation tools to design sophisticated document models that can be dynamically applied to all types of communications. Engineered to deploy via service-oriented architecture (SOA), it produces structured document communications in high-volume batch with the flexibility to generate highly personalised documents on demand while interacting with customers in real time, delivered to any channel — print, fax, e-mail, SMS or web.