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CINCINNATI – October 18, 2010 – Cincom recently launched the new “Guiding Winning Conversations” website for its Synchrony Customer Experience Management solution.

Guiding Winning Conversations

The concept of “guiding winning conversations” is based on the notion of consistently delivering interactions and experiences that result in positive outcomes for the customer, the employee and the organization. Everyone is a winner. But to be successful, an organization must recognize that it is its people — and often the agents in the contact center — who carry the brand torch and either deliver winning conversations or fail and possibly damage the brand in the process.

The new web site is written for organizations driven to compete and win on customer experience management, especially in the contact center and other customer service areas. Individuals responsible for customer care, customer experience, customer service and other customer-facing roles will find the content and offers thought provoking and useful.

Cincom Synchrony

Cincom Synchrony is a CEM Solution for contact centers that guides every representative to focus on the customer experience rather than complex, laborious internal processes. By personalizing each conversation and offering highly relevant recommendations, Synchrony enhances customer relationships and advocacy while reducing overall costs. It leverages the insight you have about each customer in the context of each interaction to deliver optimal customer experiences and organizational outcomes. Synchrony brings your CEM strategy to life in a realistic, operational model that grows your business while improving operational results.

About Cincom

For 42 years, Cincom has helped thousands of clients worldwide by solving complex business problems with its software and services. Cincom is an IBM Premier Business Partner and has been integrating IBM technologies and leveraging IBM services for over 10 years.