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Cincom Systems is sponsoring Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2011, the premier Microsoft Dynamics event that serves as the meeting point for the Microsoft Dynamics Customer and Partner business community.

Featured at the event is the Cincom Acquire® Portal, a stand-alone application with powerful knowledge-based guided selling, configuration, pricing, quoting and proposal capabilities, backed by the power of the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform.

The Cincom Acquire Portal gives dealers and field sales reps instant access to knowledge-based sales tools, so they can quickly and easily configure, price and propose complex products.  By extending Microsoft Dynamics CRM to indirect sales channels and dealers, manufacturers get a complete 360-degree view of their entire pipeline across all sales channels.

“We do more than just configure, price and quote. What makes us different is that we deliver a knowledge-based selling platform that makes your CRM smarter,” says Jerry Miller, Cincom Managing Director. “By extending knowledge to your indirect channels, you create a scalable business model that transforms your sales volume.”

Cincom Acquire automates the effective selling of complex products and services. It enables true collaborative selling processes and provides guided selling, channel and distributor collaboration, sales and product configuration as well as quotation and proposal management and integrates with existing systems including Cincom® CONTROL™, Microsoft Dynamics, SAP and

Cincom Acquire has helped manufacturers selling complex configure-to-order products successfully streamline their sales processes by delivering critical product and sales knowledge to the point of sale, while significantly reducing “quote-to-cash” time. Cincom has helped manufacturers reduce proposal generation time from five days to 15 minutes, decrease time to close a sale by 80 percent and cut lead times from 14 weeks to six weeks.

Specifically, Cincom Acquire provides:

  • Guided selling and specification
  • Product and service configuration
  • Quotation and proposal management
  • Proposal and document generation
  • Rule-based pricing
  • Full portal integration for dealers and customers
  • Customizable user interface using standard Microsoft tools

Cincom Systems is a bronze sponsor of Microsoft Dynamics Convergence 2011 featuring its Cincom Acquire Knowledge-based Selling Platform at Booth #1127.

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