Launching an ERP Implementation means clear communication about the purpose and expected benefits. A Project Charter is a good way to clearly and concisely make a statement about why it’s important. Here is a sample Project Charter that fits the bill.

Project New Biz Charter

ABC Company is undertaking a major initiative to upgrade its business systems through the implementation of ERP XYZ. Driven by anticipated changes in the way business will be conducted in the future, as well as increasing ABC CO’s competitive advantage, ABC CO has selected ERP XYZ to serve as its business system.

ERP XYZ will enable ABC CO to achieve the following major benefits:

  • Agility to improve and change business processes and practices as prompted by new business requirements or as improvement opportunities are identified
  • Standardized data structures and transaction processing across ABC CO’s business
  • Improved communications among and visibility across ABC CO’s operations
  • A technological platform that will facilitate interfacing with customers and suppliers
  • Continuous enhancements of software functionality through future vendor releases, which will help keep ABC CO in pace with technological advancements

As part of the implementation process, ABC CO desires to leverage Project New Biz as an opportunity to rethink ABC CO’s current operations and processes. The objective is to take full advantage of the software’s built-in functionality, while maintaining and improving systems in support of ABC CO’s businesses.

In summary, ABC CO is focused on operational excellence; the foundation for achieving this is Project New Biz. Project New Biz should be considered a significant strategic step for ABC CO in preparing for the future.

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