UBERThe digital transformation in the public sector needs to move beyond the technological bias and begin focusing on a real cultural transformation. No one will deny that the past decade has seen an incredible appetite for improving administrative procedures in the public sector, but unless governments understand that in order to meet citizen’s expectations, they need to truly understand their citizen’s needs first. The idea of customer experience will continue to be a concept reserved mostly for the private sector. Delivering public service in the 21st century demands a fundamental shift in the attitude of governments.

The idea of public service has been one that gravitates around transactions instead of one focusing on customer experience and interaction. Imagine that governments would think of public service the same way that Travis Kalanick, UBER’s CEO, thinks of his clients’ expectations whenever they call an UBER. It is all about service, and governments should carefully reconsider the way they deliver these services to their citizens. Merely adding mobile services is not enough. Public service needs to rebrand its purpose and cement a new reputation. It needs to not only change the way its perceived by citizens throughout the world, but also the way it perceives itself.

Nearly two thirds of Americans are now smartphone owners. And, for many, these devices are the gateway to the online world. Governments need to embrace this structural societal shift and use this opportunity to promote a public entrepreneurial mindset within the public sector in order to deliver agile and effective public services into the digital world of the 21st century.

Public expectations are at an all-time high; therefore, governments need to begin delivering an improved experience for its customers. Governments must own the overall customer service experience and integrate customer-centric thinking and business processes across their entire organization. If you look at the way companies in the private sector encourage entrepreneurship and promote exemplary service to their customers, then you will understand why the private sector excels in keeping their clients engaged and satisfied.

The public sector needs to embrace digital analytics to measure performance at their digital services. If your agency is looking for ways to improve government service delivery, please contact us to learn more about Panorama’s digital transformation strategies and how we can help your organization deliver high-impact initiatives to improve customer experience.

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