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New solution provides access to near real-time streaming of waveform, physiological data within the Electronic Health Record.

Cerner Corp. (NASDAQ: CERN), one of the largest health information technology suppliers, and development partner Mortara Instrument, a leading U.S. manufacturer of diagnostic cardiology instrumentation, including multi-parameter patient monitoring, have joined together to introduce CareAware Waveform Management™.

The new solution displays waveforms and other physiological data from patient monitoring systems and integrates them into the Electronic Health Record (EHR).

“This solution is one of the final steps toward creating a fully digital hospital,” said Stephanie Rogers, RN-BC and director of critical care at Cerner. “Although hospitals are working toward a fully integrated digital care process, today they are still subjected to printing rolls of paper strips to monitor patient waveforms. We expect the integration of physiological waveforms and data into the electronic health record will lead to enhanced decision-making and improved patient outcomes by streamlining documentation and viewing of waveforms in the context of other relevant patient information.”

With CareAware Waveform Management, clinicians will be able to view physiologic waveforms, data and alarms on devices with access to the patient record. Caregivers will be able to monitor patient waveforms in the context of other relevant patient information. The solution will help streamline documentation by enabling clinicians to electronically view, measure, annotate and save waveform strips to the EHR, eliminating one of the final pieces of paper in the hospital setting.

“Bringing Mortara’s waveform management capabilities to the Cerner solution reflects our vision of fully integrating medical devices into ever more connected EHR systems,” said Dr. Justin Mortara, CEO of Mortara. “We are confident that, by extending waveform capabilities to CareAware, clinicians will realize easier access to relevant data.”

The University of Missouri (MU) Health Care and Cerner leveraged their collaborative relationship with the Tiger Institute to alpha test the new waveform technology with live data.

“MU Health Care is committed to providing high-quality patient care throughout our clinical enterprises,” said Bridgett Robbins, RN, clinical manager, MU Health Care. “As the alpha client of Cerner’s CareAware Waveform Management solution, this partnership helps us move toward our goal of implementing innovative and progressive processes to provide superior care.”

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